The Coalition To Save Workers

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The National Movement

Tuesday, April 25, 2011

It all started in Wisconsin, but it quickly spread from state to state and is now becoming a national movement. What are we talking about? The fight for unions and the right to collectively bargain. Many people ask the questions “Why should I care?” or “I’m not in a union, so how does it affect me?” Unless you are in the 1 percent of Americans who earn 25 percent of our nation’s total share of income, then it affects you. While the rhetoric surrounding this fight may be focused on “stop attacking unions,” it’s really a fight that prevents the attack on all workers. By making unions obsolete, large corporations and big business begin to ignore workers altogether – finding it easier to eliminating raises and cutting back on benefits.

This will not only affect those in unions, but it is an assault on all workers, the middle class as a whole who never sees the large profits corporations pull in month after month. Those profits go directly towards executives and CEOs – middle class families never see any of that and never will if they don’t have the power to negotiate and fight for fair wages and benefits. According to the AFL-CIO, in almost every professional category, union members earn larger wages than non-union workers. If there were more opportunities and freedoms to join a union and to collectively bargain with the powerful corporations, middle class families would find more money in their pockets – money that will help take care of their family and help our economy get back on track.

States across the country are blaming their budget deficits on teachers, firefighters, nurses and so on, people that have nothing to do with the economic mess we find ourselves in. Governors such as Scott Walker in Wisconsin, John Kasich in Ohio, and Rick Snyder in Michigan are looking to use their states’ budget woes to break the backs of hardworking Americans. And no matter how union centric this fight is, the outcome will affect you.